ClassNotFoundException thrown even after correct bundle exists

Baskar, Vinoth <vinoth.baskar@...>


I am trying to support the gNMI interfaces using the opendaylight. I have added the gNMI related java files, dependencies correctly in the opendaylight application. After the successful compilation, we are able to start the karaf application. But when we are doing the gNMI related stuff, I am getting the following error,

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: io.grpc.Context cannot be found by wrap_file__home_verizon_gnmi_gnmi_karaf_target_assembly_system_io_grpc_grpc-core_1.38.0_grpc-core-1.38.0.jar_0.0.0

But this specific class(io.grpc.Context) exists in the grpc-context jar, that I have added correctly in the application's pom.xml file. But, still I am getting this error.

I have used the "find-class io.grpc.Context" option in the karaf application, displaying the grpc-conext.jar correctly.  But why the error showing the " _io_grpc_grpc-core" ? Is the karaf looking into the wrong bundle?

Please help on how to get rid of this issue...

Vinoth B

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