ONAP/ODL Integration Sync

Robert Varga

So nobody attented this call today.

This question raised yesterday on ONAP PTL call was the one of release timing and streamlining alignment with ODL.

The one thing I failed to realize is that ODL release cycle is off-the-wack due to the major changes happening to yangtools/mdsal integration.

Judging from the contents of our ONAP-specific distribution (which really should live in CCSDK or thereabout), ONAP depends on the following ODL projects:


All of these, with the notable exception of DAEXIM, are ODL MRI projects, subject to having a stable release available at ODL's "MRI Version Bump Checkpoint".

According to ODL SimRel schedule (https://docs.opendaylight.org/en/latest/release-process/release-schedule.html), this checkpoint occurs *way* ahead of the official release.

I'll take the blame for Phosphorus and Sulfur completely missing the deadline, but I fully expect to restore normal service for Chlorine.

What that means in practical terms is that Chlorine (due out ~16.9.2022), the release artifacts for ODL Platform are expected to be available on or about 15.4.2022 (my favorite day), e.g. full 5 months ahead of the SimRel release date.

The associated first health checkpoint is on or about 29.4.2022 (aka Version Bump Checkpoint). ODL release health is further evaluated at CSIT Checkpoint (on or about 13.5.2022) for a decision to press ahead or roll back. A further heal check is evaluated by ODL TSC at "Middle Checkpoint", e.g. on or about 8.7.2022, which essentially requires all of CSIT to be healthy or a very good prognosis to be present (otherwise postponing the SimRel is on the table).

With that, I think the path forward is for ONAP's CCSDK to begin integration as soon as the MRI Version Bump or CSIT checkpoint, giving plenty of runway for integration and working out kinks.

DAEXIM is an outlier, we need to come to an agreement around it.


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