CommunityBridge Insights

Casey Cain

Dear OpenDaylight Community,

LFN is pleased to announce the availability of the developer analytics tool, “Insights”. Insights is an addition to the LF Community Bridge suite of products announced at ONS one year ago. Insights will be rolled out across all Linux Foundation projects in the coming months and will replace any other developer analytics tools currently in use.  

You may access Insights by navigating to the following link:  

Note that user documentation is available by hovering your cursor over “Get Help” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, then click on “Docs”.

If you identify any issues, including issues with affiliation data (i.e., which organization you are working for) while using DA, please do the following:
Navigate to the help center and login (requires LFID).
Click on “Submit a DA bug”.
Fill in the form, including uploading any supporting files (screenshots, etc.).
Click the “Create button”.

Casey Cain
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