Pure Netconf Server (Northbound) usage of Opendaylight

Guray Baydur <guray.baydur@...>


For our project, we want to use netconf server solution of Opendaylight, however we want to use it purely, meaning that we just want to access, send requests and get operational data, made configurational changes in the server with any netconf client (we do not use netconf connector of opendaylight), I have searched through documentation and there are two types of servers: config-subsystem and md-sal. I am not sure which one to use and how to use it with pure access without using any connector of opendaylight. Here are our prerequisites:

  1. Custom yang modules should be added. (If it is possible, could you please provide an example of how to add custom yang modules?)

  2. Inside yang models all regex patterns should be provided.

  3. Configurational and operational data support should be provided.

  4. Which programming languages it supports?

  5. A database integrated like tailf confd's confdb(cdb) should be provided.

  6. Does it have netconf proxy support?

  7. Does the db support sensitive data operations (encryption decryption with different hashing mechanisms )?

  8. Does it have transaction rollback capability?​

  9. Does it support 2-phase commit?

    Up to now, I have booted up md-sal netconf server but could not add my custom yang models. I also tried by connecting lighty.io and using yanglib endpoints to point my custom modules, it didn't work. I am not sure if I am on the right track.
    Any help is appreciated