[app-dev] ODL architecture to unify TAPI and ACTN

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Well, TransportPCE for Optical is a pure openROADM manager using Netconf while BGPCEP for IP/MPLS network is a pure controller using PCEP protocol. Up to now, they are run independently each other. This means that you could use TransportPCE to configure openROADM and BGPCEP to setup some RSVP-TE or Segment Routing tunnel, but you need another tools (e.g. an orchestrator) to coordinate both.

Another way to deal with your scenario, is to use GMPLS. It uses RSVP-TE as signalling mechanism to setup an optical path in an optical network and thus you could easily coordinate optical and IP/MPLS setup with the same RSVP-TE signalling.

In fact, we need more detail on the underlying network you intend to control/configure to provide a better answer.

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Le 15/10/2020 à 19:18, Tejas Nevrekar a écrit :
Hi Saad Ullah Sheikh,

Thanks for your question. In the spirit of the community, I am copying your question to the relevant mailing lists.

A few pointers that may help:

Please feel free to look at these and respond further if you have more questions.


On Thu, Oct 15, 2020 at 7:17 PM Saddullah Sheikh Nasrullah <snasrullah.c@...> wrote:

Hi Tejas,


We want to know if ODL covers a scnerio to control both IP SDN (ACTN) and TXN Optical (TAPI) and its related features .


Recently we have gained interest in ODL and if this question not related if you can connect to right team will be great ,





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