BGP configuration

philippe seka <philippeseka13@...>

Hello ,
I hope you're doing well.
I use the latest versions of ODL for the bgp-ls part.
I installed restconf and bgpcep-bgp functionality.
but I cannot send my requests to ODL for the configuration of bgp peering with my routers using the syntax: http://localhost:8181/restconf . I come across an http error of type HTTP ERROR 404 NOT FOUND.
I thought I saw in the documentation that to use restconf in its draft-bierman-netconf-restconf-02 version, you had to install the odl-restconf-nb-bierman02 feature but I can't find this feature in the chlorine-sr1 version . and and I'm having a little trouble with the new netconf version of rfc8040.
I saw information saying that: The old RESTCONF endpoint localhost:8181/restconf, as installed via the odl-restconf-nb-bierman02 feature, has been removed.
I can't find the right requests for all BGP families for the restconf rfc8040 feature
can someone help me find out how to use old version of restconf to configure bgp-ls with newer versions of ODL or how i should go with new version of restconf to configure bgp-ls ls.
I use postman to send my requests to ODL.
if you have any requests that you have used, I am a taker.
Thank you in advance for your answers