[Consultation] Service function chain

Jhen-Hao Yu <tcr1br24@...>

Dear Sir,

We are testing a simple SFC in OpenStack (Stein) + OpenDaylight (Neon) + Open vSwitch (v2.11.1). It's an all-in-one deployment (OPNFV-9.0.0).

We have read the document:





Our SFC topology:

enter image description here

All on the same compute node.

Build SFC through API:

  1. openstack sfc flow classifier create --source-ip-prefix --logical-source-port p0 FC1

  2. openstack sfc port pair create --description "Firewall SF instance 1" --ingress p1 --egress p1 --service-function-parameters correlation=None PP1

  3. openstack sfc port pair group create --port-pair PP1 PPG1

  4. openstack sfc port chain create --port-pair-group PPG1 --flow-classifier FC1 --chain-parameters correlation=nsh PC1

we expect that the encapsulation/decapsulation will be performed by the back-end driver, so that the data packet passes through the nsh-unaware VNF like a regular data packet. 
However, we can see that the NSH packet reaches the VNF interface (screenshot attached).
Flow table:
螢幕擷取畫面 2021-02-06 153311.png

Is there something wrong with the OpenStack instructions? 

It seems NSH header not decap before entering NSH-unaware VNF.



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