My thoughts on North Bound APIs in Network World

Rob Sherwood

[I sent this link out privately to a few people because I didn't want to seem like I was pimping my own article, but with some poking, I'm re-posting it here]

FYI, our marketing people set up in an interview for me (apropos of my role in the ONF) to talk about NB APIs with Jim Duffy/Network World:

I don't think anyone will be shocked about what I say, but if people have strong disagreement, it's probably a good thing to talk about.

In particular, he asked me a direct question about "Are the legacy guys, the Ciscos and Junipers of the world, really keen on the standardization of these APIs, or does it work against their best interests?" which I would appreciate feedback on because I hope I represented some of your various views appropriately.

Let me know what you think and thanks,

- Rob