Opendaylight Netconf configuration

Robert Varga

On 22/10/2021 17:35, Arne.Chrestin@... wrote:
Hi Robert,
Hello Arne,

Apologies for my unsolicited message - I found your email address on the Opendaylight Netconf project page in jira. I am addressing you directly because I couldn’t find information on a mailing list or slack channel I could use. If that exists, I’m happy to use it in future. Please let me know.
No worries. For future reference, these queries are best addressed to discuss@..., which has an audience of both devs and users.

My question is: How can I change the Netconf Call-Home port in ODL? I found the following in <> : /The server uses port 6666 by default and this can be configured via a blueprint configuration file./
However, I could not find any information where this blueprint file is located and what’s the file name. Optimally, I would like to adjust the setting already in my dockerfile when building the odl image.
This is the file .

It should be possible to change it without editing files, but I am not sure about that.

It would be great if you could give me a hint or point me to the adequate forum for my question. Thanks a lot!
You're very welcome,