[OpenDaylight Technical] Agenda for Mon 4/22, 1p PDT

Bhushan Kanekar


How about Model Driven SAL? We can discuss that and possibly do the demo we did at the Hack fest for the wider audience.



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For Monday's call (please see new Webex details below):

- conf call and mailing list logistics
- brief recap of developer track sessions at ONS
- set agenda items for next several calls -- some items we are planning to cover in future calls:
contribution proposals from new consortium members (incl.
Ericsson, Microsoft, ...) and individuals
overview of SDN data modeling and standardization effort in OMG (Dell team)
integrating non-Java code contributions in Java controller frameworks (e.g., best practices, experiences, etc.) -- need volunteer to lead this discussion
handling non-EPL (e.g., GPL) code in OpenDaylight
framework / approach for arriving at a single base controller

Please suggest other agenda items we can schedule.


-- Anees

Monday, April 22, 2013 1:00 pm, Pacific Daylight Time (San Francisco,

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