Retrieving only Augment node data does not work

Ravi Chandra Pendurty

Hi, I am trying to query just the augmented node data but the rpc call does not include the augment node as a filter but includes the parent of the augment node and hence retrieves the complete data. For ex:
In the code snippet below - 

InstanceIdentifierBuilder alarmsPacIID = YangInstanceIdentifier.builder()
            AugmentationIdentifier alarmsContainerIID = YangInstanceIdentifier.AugmentationIdentifier
            InstanceIdentifierBuilder augmentedAlarmsIID =
            // reading all the alarms
            Optional<NormalizedNode> alarms =
The "alarms-pac" is augmented into core-model of ONF14 and I need to query just the alarms-pac node from the core-mode control-construct container. However for the above piece of code, the following NETCONF request is generated - 
    <filter xmlns:ns0="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:netconf:base:1.0" ns0:type="subtree">                                        
        <control-construct xmlns="urn:onf:yang:core-model-1-4"/> 
which results in the complete control-construct being queried.

Is it possible to get just the augmented node data? If so, please clarify what is missing in the above piece of code.

Is it possible to get a child node of the augmented node instead of the parent augmented node? For ex: in the screenshot below, alarms-pac is the augmented node in control-construct and I would like to query "current-alarms" only.