Re: [releng] Fluorine branch cutting

Ivan Hrasko

Thank you!

Od: Anil Belur <abelur@...>
Odoslané: piatok, 10. augusta 2018 10:05:18
Komu: TSC; Ivan Hraško; Release
Kópia: An Ho; Ariel Adam; Thanh Ha
Predmet: Re: [OpenDaylight TSC] [releng] Fluorine branch cutting
Hello Ivan:

Committers / PTL's should be able to create the branches for self-managed projects. Forwarding the discussion we had for USC and NEMO.

This steps should probably go somewhere in the docs, if it's yet there.


On Thu, Aug 9, 2018 at 10:53 PM Thanh Ha <thanh.ha@...> wrote:
Our automated scripts only do the branch cutting for Managed Projects. Self Managed projects should be able to create branches themselves. Go to this link:

And then enter the new branch name and initial revision (eg. master) to have Gerrit create a branch for you. Once the new branch exists you can bump versions on master branch by x.(y+1).0 to ensure that the new branch and master are not conflicting.

You can also use lftools to run the version bump script. To bump x.(y+1).0 run lftools version command twice like this:

lftools version release BUMP_Y
lftools version bump BUMP_Y

(We run it twice to set a fake release tag, and then do the real bump after since the scripts use that tag as a marker to know if it should bump the y or z value of a 3 digit version number)

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