Re: [TAC-public] ODL Licensing (EPL) and ONAP's (Apache 2.0)

Lefevre, Catherine <catherine.lefevre@...>

Ed, Daniel,


Let me provide additional clarifications since I was not clear in my previous request.


If some future release, ONAP CCSDK project needed to fork an ODL component in order to integrate it into ONAP. For example, suppose that we wanted to swap out OpenDaylight’s AAA module in ONAP for one that is integrated with ONAP AAF (we don’t have to right now, since ODL’s AAA supports plugins, but suppose this turns out to be needed in a future release). It would be nice if we had the flexibility to just create a fork of that component and distribute it as part of ONAP. However, if we did that, that fork would have to be licensed under EPL – not Apache – since it is derived from EPL code.

To conclude, the purpose of this request would be to seek if there is any opportunity to harmonize the licenses under LFN.



Concerning the issue raised by Steve Winslow, additional work will be required from the ONAP community since DLUX has been forked, package name should be pointed to ONAP and not ODL.

No action for the ODL community.


Many thanks & regards



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Subject: Re: [TAC-public] ODL Licensing (EPL) and ONAP's (Apache 2.0)


Question: Why not simply consume the ODL binary artifacts rather than forking the source code?




On Wed, Oct 24, 2018 at 7:53 AM Catherine LEFEVRE <catherine.lefevre@...> wrote:

Good morning Dan,


Thanks a lot for your prompt feedback.

I will check with the concerned parties today and will let you know.


Best regards



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Hello Catherine,


Thanks for bringing this to ODL's attention.


Would it be possible for you and the other relevant ONAP/LF folks to join ODL's TSC meeting this week (Thurs 9AM PT) to brief the community on the issue and start discussing possible plans?



I've CC'd the ODL TSC list to go ahead and put this on everyone's radar.




On Wed, Oct 24, 2018 at 7:56 AM Catherine LEFEVRE <catherine.lefevre@...> wrote:

Good morning TAC team,


I would like to discuss the following item with you.


As you might know, ONAP is released under the Apache 2.0 License.


During our last ONAP License review with Steven Winslow (LF Legal representative), we have got the feedback that ONAP source code should not contain any ODL source code

since ODL is released under EPL i.e. Weak Copy left.


It generates some concerns since we would like to avoid to make a fork of ODL then have to put ODL source code outside LF repositories on github in order to consume it back to ONAP L.


For the ONAP Casablanca release, ONAP TSC will be requested to approve a waiver.

Nevertheless, would it be possible to address this concern at the TAC team level as a medium/long term plan?


Many thanks & regards



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