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Thanks Tom. A few questions/comments in line. --dmm

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        I have tried to capture the details of our discussion last week. Please
comment on the proposal below so that we can amend the process as soon as


Email-based or Proxy-based Voting

  This proposal amends the existing TSC voting procedures that stipulate
  that voting by TSC members must be done "in person" during scheduled


  Before being put to a vote, motions presented before the TSC must be
  raised publicly on the development mailing-list for a minimum of 4
  business days prior to a vote. This will give a chance to the wider
  community to express their opinion as well as accommodate the
  that members might not attend a meeting and vote in person. Motions
  not posted to the list will not be considered official motions.

  TSC members can vote via email positively, negatively, or abstain as is
the case
  today, but must voice their votes in writing on the public mailing list.

dmm> not sure but what would be (perhaps) useful would be to have a "secret" ballot mechanism such that all of the votes tallied and posted simultaneously with the outcome. This way no one has to have a deciding vote. Just a thought.
  will serve as the official written public record of their vote.
  Members or their proxies and designates that do not vote or have their
  votes received by the chair via the official mailing list will be counted
  as no-vote.

dmm> if we decide to allow "secret" balloting we'll have to have a look at the previous paragraph. 

  Decisions need more positive votes than negative votes (ties mean the
  motion is rejected), and a minimum of positive votes of at least one
  third of the total number of TC members (rounded up: in a board with
  8PTLs+5 that means a minimum of 5 approvers).

dmm> I didn't understand the parenthetical comment (and what does PTL stand for?)

Proxy Delegates

  Any Technical Steering Committee (TSC) member may designate a proxy to
  attend a meeting in their place. This change must be sent to both the
  TSC (private) list as well as the TSC chair in writing at least 1
  hour prior to the expiration period of a motion for a vote. This person
  may place votes on behalf of the TSC member both in person at a meeting,
  or via email in case they cannot attend the meeting for the period
  of 1 meeting unless otherwise stipulated.

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