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Guillaume Lambert

Hi all

Luis, I created a TransportPCE stable/neon branch yesterday with a config that was working last week..
But I got a Jenkins build failure because of obsolete poms. It appears that Mdsal binding models 1.2.6-SNAPSHOT were removed yesterday and replaced by 1.2.7-SNAPSHOT ones.
I fixed the poms in this change but the branch was locked... I believe this is an error since branch locks should probably not apply to SM projects.
So I had no other choices than to delete the branch and recreate it from master to have a working pom configuration.
Now the stable/neon branch builds.
However, I believe the netconf REST API has evolved and this causes many functional tests unexpected failures. We are investigating that.
(to compare with before Neon bump )

Best regards

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SM projects are free to join any release as long as they provide a release
artifact in the week after the managed projects release (~2 weeks from now).

Current status of SM projects that we are aware of:


- stable/neon branch: YES
- stable/neon build: YES
- in distribution: YES


- stable/neon branch: YES
- stable/neon build: NO
- in distribution: NO


- stable/neon branch: YES
- stable/neon build: YES
- in distribution: YES


- stable/neon branch: NO
- stable/neon build: NO
- in distribution: NO

Also for those having issues building code make sure you are aware of the
following versions and changes:


On Feb 14, 2019, at 10:28 PM, <ylhsieh@...> <ylhsieh@...>


Hope it’s not too late to respond. SNMP4SDN would like to be part of Neon,
and already have the stable/neon branch. Current status: our code freezes,
and recently we are fixing the build failure like missing dependency, but not
yet solve completely, may need help.

Best regards,

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OK, thanks for responding.

For those releasing in Neon, I would recommend to perform the
stable/neon branch cut + master version bump ASAP so that your branches
aligns in Jenkins, e.g. if you have not done this step yet, you will see sodium
job building neon code and neon job failing.

You are welcome to open a ticket to helpdesk if you are unsure how to do


On Feb 8, 2019, at 1:28 AM, Richard Kosegi <richard.kosegi@...>


Hi Luis,

thank you for notice.
Jsonrpc would like to be part of both Fluorine-SR2 and Neon.


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Can you please respond to this mail if you have any plan to release your
project in Fluorine SR2 (mail just sent) or Neon (next coming release).


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