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Update: sorry, the question 2 should be fine (I just saw that project’s stable branch should remain locked, and can still summit gerrit by super committer).




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As the doc [1] indicates self-managed project to add to the distribution sanity test [4], but I can’t push to releng/builder repo, is the repo locked? Besides, snmp4sdn repo’s stable/neon branch seems to be still locked, so I can’t do merge, anyone can help unlock it?


Thank you

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Subject: [release] SM projects check


Hello everybody,


This is to remind Self Managed projects that want to be part of the Neon common distribution, to please check the release process in [1].


As a summary:


1) Your project should be building latest Neon SNAPSHOT and platform release versions [2].

2) Your project should be in the common distribution, so far I can see 3 projects: sxp, telemetry and jsonrpc [3]

3) You should prepare for cutting the Neon stable branch and bumping the master version. It is recommended to do this at the same time as Managed projects, this is at Code Freeze on Feb 7th. You are invited to open a ticket to ODL helpdesk if you need assistance with this task.










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