Re: [OpenDaylight Discuss] Allowing integration to have distributions that are not necessarily Release Editions

Luis Gomez

Another reason (or the main reason) to host an edition in the integration repository is that we can launch system test on it every time is being built.

On 4/29/2014 1:02 PM, Luis Gomez wrote:
Hi Ed,

Thanks for bringing this in as we have got some requests for hosting distributions other than the 3 we know in the integration repository, karaf or toaster are examples of this. I personally think that any distribution that can help the community with any particular task and it is not tight to one single project (i.e. we already have controller and ofplugin editions in their own repos) can be hosted in integration. Building editions does not take long (2,5 mins) compared to testing them (30 mins).


On 4/29/2014 12:34 PM, Ed Warnicke (eaw) wrote:
The integration project has

Corresponding 1to1 to the Hydrogen Release vehicles of Base Edition,
Virtualization Edition, and Service Provider Edition respectively. Please note that no
decision about the Helium Release Editions have been made yet (and are not expected
until M3 (7/7):

We are starting to see some cross project collaboration activities (like the Karaf stuff)
that would be substantially easier to collaborate on if we could have additional distributions
in the integration project that could take advantage of the integration infrastructure (for example

I don’t think there was ever an explicit decision that integration/distributions/ should *only*
be the Release Editions… but I do know that folks think of it as if there were. And so there was a desire
for some clarification.

What I would suggest is that the TSC make clear that:

1) The integration project committers can decide what things they want in the integration/distributions/
in support of the community doing collaborative integration development (or where ever they decide they should
put distribution like things).
2) The TSC politely requests that the integration project keep distribution directories for each Release Edition in
support of the Release when they are decided.

I would respectfully ask the TSC consider making this clarification at the upcoming TSC meeting on Thursday.

I would further invite discussion on this on the mailing lists :)

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