Integration distribution folders

Luis Gomez

Hi all,

After TSC call today, here is my proposal on how to handle unsupported distributions in the integration repo.

This is what we have today for official distributions:


And I think all will be easier if we can just add an “extra” folder in distributions to host non-official/non-supported distros:


Comments on this proposal:

1) Placing new distros in /distributions folder allows us to use existing verify-distributions and merge-distributions jobs to build the distros upon change in the composition and run full test suite to verify any change here does not impact anything.

2) The new editions will be built at the same time at the official editions, this is when we see changes in project repos. After the build we can trigger or not specific tests for the new editions.

3) Regarding the proposal of using folders to separate main releases like Hydrogen, Helium, etc… I do not think this is really needed as we have stable branches, meaning that Hydrogen distros will be under /distributions in stable/hydrogen branch, Helium distros are now under /distributions in master and will be under /distributions in stable/helium after helium release, and so on. Also, one thing we can do when we create stable branches is to remove the extra folder as I do not think extra distros are needed for stable.

4) I really would like to see a folder in Nexus for “extra" so we do not get confused with official there as well.

5) Finally, we will be addressing to TSC any change in official editions or any proposal to move a distro from extra to official.

Please feel free to comment on this proposal.


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