Re: [OpenDaylight Discuss] Build Time Testing - Request of Comments

Luis Gomez

Hi David,

On your first wish, we are working in Integration group to get API coverage numbers so that we can use this for release requirements

Related to your second wish, we are also working in Integration group to use Testopia with Bugzilla which among other things will allow to associate one test case to a bug. 

Of course all this applies to system test (not build test) but this is to show how much I agree with your statements.


On May 2, 2014, at 1:55 PM, David Bainbridge <dbainbri.ciena@...> wrote:

>One question...what do you think is lacking now?  Not enough tests,
>tests take too long to run?  Both, neither?

[Devin] I do not think there are not enough tests at this point. It only
takes a 5 or 6 minutes to run the build and tests ( on the controller)
which is fine by my book. As we add more we want to be aware not to add
any long running tests. Also we will likely want to look at ways to run
the tests in parallel (if they are not already) to help speed up builds.
But that is a future TODO, and likely depends on implementation some.

[david] Have to admit I am a bit surprised that code coverage metrics and requirements are not part of the merge requirements, i.e. a build is considered failed unless tests cover x% of the code. I understand that this doesn't guarantee that the tests that are provided test the important code, even are good tests, but it does mean most code paths are run and something is better than nothing. 

[david] Additionally, I would love to see that each bug is associated with a test that demonstrates the bug so that we build up a library of regression tests.
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