Re: Neutron committer status

Robert Varga

On 26/06/2019 18:48, Robert Varga wrote:
On 04/06/2019 10:50, Michael Vorburger wrote:
I would be willing but would
love to see how we can wrap up the long pending
Hello Michael,

I have made some progress on that patch series, with the first parts
merged up. I am afraid the rest of the series needs a serious overhaul
to match up with existing constructs -- like done here:

While I do want the patch series completed, not the least to eliminate
blueprint from mdsal wiring (based on, I am currently all over the
place with other projects, so will not have the time to finish this in
anything that would be considered near future :(

based on the previous, I do not see when the MD-SAL wiring bits will
land (but it is on my radar).

At some point, this patch (or something equivalent) will have to land in
neutron, lest it is removed from SimRel.

Can we get this merged, or at least have a plan for doing so?


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