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* Thomas Nadeau (tnadeau@...) wrote:
* Thomas Nadeau (tnadeau@...) wrote:

Before being put to a vote, motions presented before the TSC must be
raised publicly on the development mailing-list for a minimum of 4
Come to think of it, we don't actually have "the development" list.
We have "the discuss" list, or "the TSC" list. Capturing the spirit here,
it'd be discuss.

business days prior to a vote. This will give a chance to the wider
community to express their opinion
as well as accommodate the possibility that members might not attend
a meeting and vote in person.
Perhaps we could strike that bit, since we allow for proxy voting.

not posted to the list will not be considered official motions.
Probably redundant w/ "[motions] must be raised publically"

TSC members can vote via email positively, negatively, or abstain as
the case
today, but must voice their votes in writing on the public mailing
Similarly here, another option is that we vote in the meeting and
require one of:

- member or proxy voting +1, -1, 0
- no show == no vote

The advantage is the simplicity of getting together and voting right
then and there.
Right, no vote == abstain.

will serve as the official written public record of their vote.
Members or their proxies and designates that do not vote or have their
votes received by the chair via the official mailing list will be
as no-vote.
Why would we count not voting as a "no" vote?
You need some default state. It seems the most obvious route is no vote
== abstain to me.
Sorry, that's just me not being able to read. I read "no-vote" as a vote
for "no" rather than not voting.


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