MRI bump for Neon SR3

Robert Varga

Hello everyone,

it's been almost four months since we have had a drop of MRI fixes into
stable/neon. Not that there weren't any, there have been intermediate
releases, but there was no time to integrate them.

Given where we are in other release trains (Sodium: frozen for SR1,
Magnesium: stabilizing CSIT), now is a good time to refresh things.

Overall, this bump brings in significant fixes, including
security-related bumps of upstream artifacts.

There are two breaking changes here:

1) mina-sshd is bumped to 2.3.0, which requires a minor update to netconf

2) YANGTOOLS-857 means yangtools now detects previously-glossed-over
errors in YANG usage. This affects OFP and BGPCEP. OFP has the
corresponding patch here: BGPCEP has
two patches, both of which are already merged.

The changes in this bump will be mirrored to stable/sodium (once SR1 is
out) and magnesium (once we have reasonably-stable CSIT).

I have prepared patches here:

Successful multipatch build is here:

CSIT multipatch buil is (still running) here:

Unless there are objections (or unexpected CSIT failures), I would like
to merge these changes on Friday.


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