Re: [integration-dev] Sodium SR1 release candidate

JamO Luhrsen

Do we want to block the release because of new exceptions coming? We need
someone to see if those exceptions are an indication of some regression
in functionality between the first sodium release and this SR1 candidate.

Also, we still need someone to look at the other 3 jobs I marked as blockers
because those do look like a netvirt functionality breakage. I just don't
know if the same problem was there in the original sodium release or not.


On 10/27/19 11:45 PM, srinivas.rachakonda@... wrote:

Hi Daniel/Jamo,


I have raised the JIRA bug: Exceptions seen during deletion of BGP RD


Also updated the same in the spreadsheet as blocker as its continuously failing with the same exceptions.






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Team. Any updates on this? 


On Thu, Oct 24, 2019 at 8:20 AM Jamo Luhrsen <jluhrsen@...> wrote:


On 10/24/19 4:21 AM, Abhinav Gupta wrote:

@Srinivas, @R M Mishra: Please focus on the 3 rows JamO has already analyzed (thanks!) and pointed to as BLOCKERs.



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We need to get netvirt under control at this point. They have a lot of jobs,
and were never fully healthy but without maintenance they are going to create
a lot of work every release cycle.

I spent some time today going through our sodium sr1 failures and made progress
on the sheet:

there are three jobs with a basic netvirt failure that was ignored in
the original sodium release (openstack instance not getting an ip address)
which seems like a fundamental failure. The original sodium release let
it through under the assumption that it was a test code problem. I don't
think it is. I marked those as BLOCKER.

Should we mark the DCGW jobs as ignore? I don't have time to debug them
and they are saw-tooth failures and inconsistent. No idea if they are
regressions or not.

beyond netvirt, I'm following up on one openflowplugin job and once those
are understood we will only be left with netvirt to be done.


On 10/21/19 11:41 PM, Abhinav Gupta wrote:


Please look into the CSIT jobs for failures. Please take help from Karthika if required. I’m in parallel onboarding myself with the overall Netvirt CSIT. Let’s discuss and get this moving.
I see 20 CSIT jobs for NetVirt. We may want to eliminate the unnecessary jobs as well.




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Subject: Re: [integration-dev] Sodium SR1 release candidate




Friendly reminder to review Sodium SR1 tracking sheet so we can release it on time.



On Fri, Oct 18, 2019 at 11:28 AM JamO Luhrsen <jluhrsen@...> wrote:

In our weekly integration call we decided to use the most recent successful
Sodium autorelease build as our release candidate for SR1 which is due next
week on October 24th.

Here is the build:

Here is the integration-test job using that build:

Here is the tracking sheet we need to vet:

Projects that have pending failures:
bgpcep, controller, lispflowmapping, netconf, netvirt, openflowplugin, ovsdb, yangtools


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