How to handle DLUX & Projects Under the TSC Purview ?

Abhijit Kumbhare

Hi TSC members,

During the TSC meeting today (Oct 31, 2019) Robert asked the TSC how should we deal with projects which should be under the TSC purview due to lack of active members. Example: DLUX which is not part of the current simultaneous release - but still need fixes for the previous releases SRs. Robert had an excellent suggestion that since these projects are in a way managed by the TSC but have no longer any active members - all the TSC members should be committers on these projects. This way we would be able to merge any absolutely needed code changes to the project. There was an overall consensus on this - but it would be important to have a conversation around this - followed by a vote.

I think there are three topics here that need to be clarified via a discussion & a vote:

Topic 1: What are the criteria to have a project under the TSC purview? 

In my opinion, the minimum criteria would be: 
  • The TSC should think that the project is important enough to make it under TSC purview. Instead of specifying specific rules for what is an important project, I think this should be decided on a case by case basis by a TSC vote. 
  • These projects have no active committers. Implicitly having no active committers also means that the project has no objections to be under the TSC purview. 
  • The above two should be the minimum criteria. Not all the projects which satisfy the above two criteria should be put under the TSC purview. Whether a particular project should be under the TSC purview, should be decided by a TSC vote. 
Topic 2: Should the TSC be committers on a project under TSC purview? 

Topic 3: Does the TSC agree that DLUX should be under the TSC purview?

Once a consensus emerges on topic 1 criteria (or if no one objects) - I can initiate a vote on all the 3 topics.

So either discuss away till the next week - do you folks agree on my topic 1 criteria or do you have a different idea?


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