Re: [bgpcep-dev] [OpenDaylight TSC] magnesium release delayed.


Dear all,

The problem has been identified and report in the documentation: bgpcep/docs/pcep/pcep-user-guide-path-computation.rst

"Known Bug

When using BGP-LS for automatic Graph topology acquisition, for an undetermined
reason, karaf is unable to start properly the *bgp-topology-provider* bundle.
This is due to karaf that doesn't properly manage blueprint dependencies. Thus,
BGP Topology Provider class is initialized with a wrong reference to the Graph
Topology Service: a null pointer is provided instead. However, it is easy to
overcome this issue by simply restarting the *bgp-topology-provider* bundle.

First identify the bundle number of *bgp-topology-provider* and check the

.. code-block:: console

    opendaylight-user@karaf>bundle:list | grep bgp-topology-provider
    232 │ Failure  │  80 │ 0.14.0          │ bgp-topology-provider

Then restart the bundle if status is *Failure*

.. code-block:: console

    opendaylight-user@karaf>bundle:restart 232

And finaly, verify that the bundle is active

.. code-block:: console

    opendaylight-user@root>bundle:list 232
    START LEVEL 100 , List Threshold: 50
     ID │ State  │ Lvl │ Version         │ Name
    232 │ Active │  80 │ 0.14.0          │ bgp-topology-provider

Looking to the log, you will normally see that a new Graph has been created and
fulfil with your network topology element. Using Graph Rest API *Get Operational
Graph* will also validate that all is running correctly.

The main problem does not come from the code itself, but rather than on karaf which is unable to correctly schedule the blueprint.

bgp-topology-provider is launch with a null pointer as reference to the GraphServiceProvider while GraphServiceProvder is available or available latter.

It is why a simple bundle:restart is sufficient to overcome the issue.

What I could do, is to remove the assert on null value for GraphServiceProvider and replace it by a if() to launch or not the LinkstateGraphBuilder(). Of course, it will failed, but again a bundle:restart will solve the issue.

I will propose the change in 2 hours



Le 10/03/2020 à 06:12, Abhijit Kumbhare a écrit :
Thanks for letting us know.

On Mon, Mar 9, 2020 at 9:35 PM JamO Luhrsen <jluhrsen@...> wrote:
Hi all,

A new regression was discovered in BGPCEP CSIT that is now blocking the

Once we get a handle on that, we will probably have some change(s) to merge
and wait for the normal process of autorelease to finish and then we'll check
on CSIT results after that.


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