Re: Magnesium RC

Robert Varga

On 16/03/2020 09:44, Robert Varga wrote:
2020-03-14T07:04:57,040 | WARN | | EndpointReader | 47 - com.typesafe.akka.slf4j - 2.5.26 | Discarding inbound message to [Actor[akka://opendaylight-cluster-data/]] in read-only association to [akka.tcp://opendaylight-cluster-data@...:2550]. If this happens often you may consider using akka.remote.use-passive-connections=off or use Artery TCP.
I have no remembrance of why we are using passive connections :( switches them off.

We cannot go to Artery TCP, as it has a nasty mem leak before 2.5.29 --
upgrade to that version is staged in the mri-sodium-sr3, though.


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