Re: Transitioning Controller to being MRI

Robert Varga

On 25/03/2020 23:25, Robert Varga wrote:
Hello everyone,
Hello again,

The process involves three steps:

1) transition all of controller's downstreams to use Magnesium version
of controller artifacts
2) remove controller from autorelease
3) remove controller's distcheck jobs
4) perform a normal MRI bump during the Aluminium MRI Integration Window

I have staged the patches for 1 through 3 here:"controller-mri"

Multipatch-test is running here:

Once that job succeeds, I will be asking for supercommitter rights to
get those patches merged, after which controller's master will become
disconnected from MSI projects participating in Aluminium SimRel.
This has been discussed at today's TSC call and approved. I have raised
the ticket for the rights to merge up the patches.

I plan to execute this tomorrow morning CET and the disruption should be
pretty much the same as for any MRI bump -- so around 6 hours, perhaps
less now that it involves fewer projects.

If you have objects, please yell now.


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