Re: mailing list mapping from old lists to new lists

JamO Luhrsen

This is all great for those of us already receiving emails and paying attention,
but if you are new to OpenDaylight and want to get the attention of say,
openflowplugin (as an example), how do you find out where to send your
email? Like, literally what steps would you take to figure it out?


On 4/16/20 11:47 AM, Casey Cain wrote:

Hi, Jamo.
I sent out the mapping of mailing lists as part of the migration.  Currently, projects that are considered "Kernel" are all forwarded to kernel-dev.  All other mailing lists (not including security, Jenkins, Infrastructure, Integration, discuss, TSC, dev, documentation, marketing, project proposals and release) are forwarded to app-dev.
If you are not subscribed to kernel-dev or app-dev, you will NOT receive an email.  Email sent to the old lists is being forwarded to the new lists automatically.  Please subscribe to kernel-dev or app-dev to receive emails.
You can subscribe to app-dev here:
You can subscribe to kernel-dev here:

Sadly, we can not edit the subgroup page on  It just lists the mailing lists.  It does however indicated which groups are "locked" with a padlock.  The lists that are locked will not receive email and are forwarded to kernel-dev or app-dev.  We can add a "category" to each of the lists, though.  I am not sure if or how that may help though.

Here is the current mapping of lists that are forwarded:

kernel-dev@... will receive all emails sent to:

app-dev@... will receive all emails sent to:

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On Thu, Apr 16, 2020 at 8:44 AM Jamo Luhrsen <jluhrsen@...> wrote:

Where can I find the mapping of projects to which new email list I
should be sending to? Like, which projects are in the kernel-dev
vs app-dev lists?

Also, can we edit the info on this page somehow?

I'd like to clean up the description for the integration-dev list.


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