Re: [kernel-dev] Aluminium MRI project status

Robert Varga

On 28/04/2020 01:52, Daniel de la Rosa wrote:

4) controller-2.0.0 needs a few more days

While all the functionality (removals) have landed quite some time ago,
which are the reason for the 2.0.0 moniker, there remains some work in
the land of feature packaging to reflect the ~34K lines removed in this
This has now been done, controller-2.0.0 is out there.

This makes the declared MRI versions as follows:
- odlparent-7.0.1
- yangtools-5.0.1
- mdsal-6.0.0
- controller-2.0.0

The migration guide update lives here: and is subject to
finalization over the course of next week or so.
... this is still work in progress.

In the mean time, project readiness is as follows:

- infrautils is ready
- aaa is ready
- netconf is ready
- int/dist needs feedback from committers, as the controller/MRI things
seem to be unresolved there
- bgpcep is being worked on


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