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Anil Belur

On Mon, Mar 16, 2020 at 11:11 PM Robert Varga <nite@...> wrote:
On 24/01/2020 08:16, Robert Varga wrote:
> On 14/01/2020 23:09, Anil Belur wrote:
>> Greetings Robert:
> Hey Anil,
> sorry for the late reply.
>> Trying to catch up on where we are with the sonarcloud migrations. I
>> think another issue has been identified with 0% coverage, that is caused
>> by an update on the Java analyzer.
> Ah, good thing we did not do a straight-up migration then :)
>> With sonarcloud it's no longer possible to import jacoco.exec reports,
>> and the workaround suggested is to use XML format. This needs to be
>> fixed in the pom files.
> Okay, so if I am getting this correctly, this is covered in
>> Example on how this is fixed on an external project:
> Right, and an example is here:
> unfortunately it does cover the way we are doing things (i.e. top-level
> merged report *without* enumerating all artifacts as dependencies).
> I will need to look into this further.

Okay, I do have a prototype here:

Can somebody test it, please?

Hello Robert:

Sorry, for the delay on getting back on this. As mentioned on the IRC, I've tested the job with the CR 88440 on the sandbox.


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