Re: [release] Controller MD-SAL APIs going away soon

Robert Varga

On 29/04/2020 10:17, R P Karthika . wrote:
Hi Robert,

As mentioned in the below mail we started merging patches.

But in genius, merge build is failing because of Javadoc failures.


I could see errors in places where we haven’t made any recent changes also.

Java doc error is being thrown in files which we haven’t touched over a
long time.


Also for patches merged two months back java doc build has been passing.

Any idea why we face these failures all of a sudden?
it is not sudden...

Patch :
... here you changed the import ...

Failure link :
... and that means in this javadoc:

00:03:48.360 [ERROR] /w/workspace/genius-maven-javadoc-publish-aluminium-openjdk11/mdsalutil/mdsalutil-api/src/main/java/org/opendaylight/genius/infra/ error: reference not found
00:03:48.360 [ERROR] * @return the {@link ListenableFuture} returned by {@link ReadWriteTransaction#submit()},
00:03:48.360 [ERROR] ^
"ReadWriteTransaction" points to a different interface and that
interface does not have a submit() method. It does have a commit()
method, though...

Note that when diagnosing javadoc failures, you are looking for the
string "error: ".

There is a way to get this validation be part of -verify/-merge jobs,
but you will lose javadoc website for snapshots -- so it is a trade-off.
For most of my projects this has already been done and results in


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