Nexus 2 upgrade

Andrew Grimberg

Greetings folks,

We're going to be taking an outage on the Nexus system as soon as we
reasonably can. This is in response to our trying to resolve the smart
proxy issues between our Nexus and Maven Central (see ticket [0]).

We're being informed that a few things are probably causing this problem:

1) The version of java we're running on the system has some new features
that the version of Nexus we're on has problems with

2) Newer versions of Nexus do not have these problems

3) There are outstanding security issues that require Nexus to be
upgraded so it just completes the set ;)

Jenkins is already in shutdown mode. As soon as the jobs that will
complete quickly do so, I'll be pushing this change through.



Andrew J Grimberg
Manager Release Engineering
The Linux Foundation

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