Re: MRI integration happening right now

Robert Varga

On 01/05/2020 08:30, Robert Varga wrote:
Hello everyone,

as per today's TSC decision[1], we are moving ahead with the MRI
integration window effective immediately in an effort to get our
Aluminium release execution back on schedule.

What this means is that migration patches[2] are being merged as soon as
each of them is ready (i.e. passes that project's verify job) and each
project will catch up when it does.

I have asked for my supercommitter rights[3] to be activated to
facilitate the execution of these, especially since we have still an
MD-SAL migration patch outstanding[4] with no movement from the
committer and we need to get this done.
It seems the ticket did not end up granting the correct rights, I have
to have a proper ticket type definition for future.

Please use this thread to communicate whatever is relevant to this
activity so we have a single place to look at.
Done projects:
infrautils, aaa, netconf, integration/distribution

Waiting for merge:
docs, serviceutils, ovsdb, neutron, jsonrpc


Started/Need resources:

Not started:
lispflowmapping, genius, netvirt


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