Please Read: Possible Date Change for the June Developer and Testing Forum

Heather Kirksey <hkirksey@...>

Technical Communities,

During TAC discussion this morning, there was provisional consensus to move the developer event to June 22-25 from its original date of June 1-4.

The reasoning behind this is threefold: 1) the OpenStack virtual  PTG will now take place the week of June 1-4 and minimizing overlap with that activity would be preferable; 2) June 1 is a public holiday throughout much of Europe; 3) it gives us more time for planning. 

Obviously doing date changes mid-stream has the possibility to be disruptive (and why I'm normally fairly resistant to doing it), but the week of June 22 has been identified as one without other conflicts (as far as we know), and the folks on the TAC meeting this morning were unanimous in finding this date preferable. Avoiding logistics conflict with OpenStack definitely seems like a compelling reason to consider changing since there is a great deal of overlap between our technical communities.

We did, however, want to make sure that the technical participants feel comfortable with this change before we made it final. 

If anyone has any strong concerns or issue with this, please let us know ASAP, since if we do proceed with the earlier date, we need to get the pieces in place quite soon. We also want to get registration open as soon as possible, and we obviously need official dates to make that happen.  


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