Re: GENIUS-289: migration of ManagedNewTransactionRunner

Hema Gopalakrishnan

Hi Robert,
Thanks for taking care of this. Will get the patches in as soon as the Silicon branch opens.

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Hello everyone,

ManagedNewTransactionRunner and related interfaces have been upstreamed to md-sal almost 2 years ago.

This effectively means that vast majority of


in mdsalutil-api duplicates functionality of


as available since at least mdsal-3.0.0 (i.e. for 18+ months now).

There are some subtle differences, which make this a transition which is not search&replace, I have therefore filed to track this.

That epic has a task for each and every component using ManagedNewTransactionRunner in both Genius and NetVirt, so that we get proper tracking of where we are with this transition.

I have filed patches for Genius to make the transition, but alas that needs to be synchronized with netvirt (at least where ITM and interfacemananger are concerned).

I would appreciate if the Genius committers could review the patches and get them merged as soon as stable/aluminium is branched (so that this work does not interfere with that release and lands in Silicon instead).

At the end of the day, this will eliminate some 4% of Genius code, easing the maintenance burden there.


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