Re: [release] Magnesium SR2 RC .. CSIT review and approval

JamO Luhrsen

On 7/30/20 3:25 PM, JamO Luhrsen via wrote:

Finally, I'm still digging in to one netconf scale job. The failures
do not occur 100% of the time but they are pretty consistent and
looks related to not being able to handle 500 connected nodes. I
will update when I know more.

My best guess for this is that the netconf upgrade to mina-sshd v2.5.1 [1]
from v2.4.0 [2] is what caused our regression. But the window of patches
that went in between the two is aprox 2 months and 2 dozen patches.

I'm not 100% confident on that because infra is broken again [3], but
did run distros based on [1] and [2] in the sandbox and it seems to
confirm the theory.

I am on PTO until monday, and I think Robert is away for ~2 weeks
now and I don't think anyone else is working on this.

We either release with the scale regression or we delay another week+





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