New project: TCP-MD5

Robert Varga

Hello TSC members,

in the name of BGPCEP committers I would like to ask you to consider the newly-proposed TCP-MD5 project as a pre-M3 split of BGPCEP functionality delivered in Helium release.

We would like to separate this work out for the following reasons:
- It is not specific to BGP nor PCEP, but rather provides generic functionality which can be potentially useful for other projects, even outside the ODL family
- The functionality is isolated and code-complete, thus we expect it to remain stable for the foreseeable future
- Unlike other BGPCEP code, this code really deals with interfacing with underlying OS, so it naturally can have a completely different set of committers

To this end we are asking the TSC to hold the project creation review on or before July 3rd, such that the project can participate in the Helium release as per the Helium Simultaneous Release Plan, which places the deadline for this kind of split at M3, which falls to July 7th.

Thank you,

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