Re: Widening reach for ... code?

Robert Varga

On 24/08/2020 23:07, Andrew Grimberg wrote:
We are doing some leg work on this. We've been getting semi-deep in the
weeds the following of late:

GitHub + Azure Pipelines
GitHub + Jenkins (we already support several projects in this config)
GitHub + GitHub Actions
GitLab + GitLab CI

You'll note a distinct lack of GitLab + Jenkins in that list ;)

OPNFV had a proposal just last week for an RE managed lift from Gerrit +
Jenkins -> GitLab + GitLab CI transition. The reason they were targetted
is because they don't really have that many jobs to transition
Right-o. We are in a completely different position: we have *hundreds*
if not *thousands* of jobs to migrate. Granted, majority of those are
duds, but my guesstimate is we are looking at ~200 jobs that have to
work on day one.

That makes the migration Not Feasible at the Time of This Writing (tm),
at least in my book.


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