Re: [app-dev] Technical debt report for August 2020


Already started reviewing OFP patches.


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Subject: [app-dev] Technical debt report for August 2020

Hello everyone,

this is a quick summary of current outstanding technical debt, as reported by the autorelease build.

3.9.2020 3.8.2020 delta
Deprecated 2303 2373 -70
Deprecated for removal 2553 2629 -76

The second line is more critical, as those are things that either we or our upstreams *will* remove. That number breaks down like this:

3.9.2020 3.8.2020 delta
Uint{8,16,32,64} (Mg) 1531 1707 -176
addAugmentation (Al) 109 142 -33
setFoo(List) (Al) 590 604 -14
other 323 176 +147

There is a stack of ~55 patches to OFP (starting at of which
~40 deal with deprecations and various warnings. It'd be nice to get a review of that.


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