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Ahmed Sawaf <Ahmed.sawaf@...>

Hello Gents


Kindly find the initial draft for SDN survey , it more focus on DC SDN , so please check and if you can support in whatever can help us it will great


It will great to have your feedback by next Tuesday 15th September




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Subject: ODL deployment survey


Hello, everyone.


On today's TSC meeting we had a guest, Amed Sawaf from the LFN End User Advisory Group.  We discussed a community survey.  

At a high level, we identified some initial goals for the community survey:

  • Need to identify users
  • Need to identify use cases and which are being actively used
  • How is ODL being consumed
    • Which Projects and which release is being used?
    • Is there a fork of the code that is being maintained? What version is being used?
  • Will Operators be willing to have DevOps teams contribute to the upstream community?

The TSC would like to collect additional feedback from the community to see if we can refine the survey questions even further.



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