Introducing Niral Networks and our interest to contribute in ODL

Abhijit Chaudhary <abhijit@...>

Hello Everyone,

I am Abhijit, and represent Niral Networks. I would like to thank Faseela to connect us with the ODL community. We would like to partner with the community and contribute to ODL development.

Niral Networks aims to democratize 5G, Edge Cloud networking infrastructure by transformation to open-source, web-scale disaggregation using NiralOS and White box hardware. Niral Networks aims to partner with Mobile Operator, Cloud Provider and ISPs on their Network transformation from being Vendor Controlled to be Vendor agnostic by embracing Curated, Open Source and Disaggregated product frameworks. Blog on NiralOS -

I would be happy to introduce Niral Networks if we get a slot in your TSC/TWS call.
Looking forward to working together with you.

- Abhijit

Building Curated, Open, Disaggregated Networking for 5G and Beyond

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