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JN Naphade

Hi Abhijit / Casey,

The user community feedback and survey is going to be really very great and helpful
information in the long run.

Any idea, how are we going to get the maximum number of users participation in the survey?
Any strategies to improve the willingness to participate?

Quite possible, this might have been already discussed, but I am not aware.

Thank and Regards,



On Thu, Sep 17, 2020 at 3:28 PM Ahmed Sawaf <Ahmed.sawaf@...> wrote:
Thanks Luis for your input , I like the arrangement

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Hi Ahmed,

I see some of the questions also apply to non DC use cases so maybe we can structure the questions as follows:

Do you use SDN?
    If No, what is the reason for not adopting SDN? (add Other to the list)
    If Yes:
        What type of SDN your operators is adopt? (add Other to the list)
        Is your SDN based in Open Source or Vendor commercial product?
            If Open Source, which SDN you deploy?
            If vendor product, which SDN you deploy?
        Which are the biggest pain points for SDN (add Other to the list)
        What is the most important feature you are looking from an Open source SDN Controller?

Do you use SDN in DCs?
    If Yes:
        Is Separate SDN for Fabric and Overlay an acceptable solution?
        Do you require SDN to extend across DC’s i.e towards the Edge?
        What are the deployment models for for SDN in DC?
        Which are the biggest pain points for DC SDN? (add Other to the list)
        What type of SDN you are using for Kubernetes

Also, would it be possible to ask ODL related questions like the ones Tejas shared:

Do you use ODL in any of your SDN deployments?
    If Yes:
        For how long is ODL being used in the Lab? (dates, years)
        For how long is ODL being used in the Production? (dates, years)
        What are your future plans on the usage of ODL?
        Will you be willing to contribute any local fixes to upstream?
        How often do you update your production to the latest release community version? - Once a year, twice a year


> On Sep 10, 2020, at 12:23 PM, Ahmed Sawaf <Ahmed.sawaf@...> wrote:
> Hello Gents

> Kindly find the initial draft for SDN survey , it more focus on DC SDN
> , so please check and if you can support in whatever can help us it
> will great

> It will great to have your feedback by next Tuesday 15th September

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> Hello, everyone.

> On today's TSC meeting we had a guest, Amed Sawaf from the LFN End User Advisory Group.  We discussed a community survey. 
> At a high level, we identified some initial goals for the community survey:
>       • Need to identify users
>       • Need to identify use cases and which are being actively used
>       • How is ODL being consumed
>               • Which Projects and which release is being used?
>               • Is there a fork of the code that is being maintained? What version is being used?
>       • Will Operators be willing to have DevOps teams contribute to the upstream community?
> The TSC would like to collect additional feedback from the community to see if we can refine the survey questions even further.

> Best,
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