[Infrastructure] ODL Gerrit Maintaince - 1700 - 2000 PT, Sunday, 20-Sept-2020

Anil Belur

Hello ODL team,

LF will be performing maintenance on ODL Gerrit at 20-Sept-2020 (1700 to 2000 PT, Sunday) to migrate to our new SSO service in an effort to roll out a more consistent login experience across all Linux Foundation Projects Services.

This login process will use sso.linuxfoundation.org and should be familiar to anyone who has logged into https://support.linuxfoundation.org so do not be alarmed when you see a different login window than before, this is an expected change.

There is an overall FAQ on the transition available here https://identity.linuxfoundation.org/migration-faq If you have any problems with the new login experience, please let our support team know at https://support.linuxfoundation.org

Thank you,
Anil Belur

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