Re: ODL Silicon release - Neutron Northbound plans

Robert Varga

On 05/10/2020 11:58, Achuth Maniyedath wrote:
Hi All,
Hello Achuth,

We don’t see any new requirements/features for Neutron Northbound
project in Silicon release and beyond, hence would
recommend moving this project to a self-managed one going forward.


If anyone would like to manage this project going forward from Silicon
please reply to the mailing lists on this email in 2 weeks

and TSC can take it forward accordingly


Lori &Robert , I believe we have some dependency for  certain ODL
projects like lispflowmapping on Neutron.

So  if any plans for these dependent projects in Silicon that need to be
handled or taken care of if we move to a

self-managed mode.
So in lispflowmapping only the model artifact is being used and only by

I am not sure what that component does. Neutron already hosts two
hostconfig implementations: VPP and OVSDB, hence it may make sense to
move mappingservice.neutron there -- IFF it fits the bill.

Aside from that, while I do have the contribution history to become
neutron committer and I do have a backlog of things I'd like to do
there, I just do not see myself having the spare time. Unless someone
decides to sponsor it, of course :)


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