Re: [release] OVSDB : moving project to self-managed for Silicon release cycle.


Hi Robert,


On the serviceUtils dependency in OVSDB in mainly on UpgradeState Flag. Ovsdb depends on this flag to decide whether to trigger reconciliation or not when the openvswitch/hwvtep switch get connected to ODL.


As part of reconciliation, we compare config and oper DS and based on the difference we attempt to create/delete missing entries(ex: tunnels)


During Upgrade, when the southbound port 6640 is opened for accepting connection, its possible the config DS is not fully build-up and if reconciliation is triggered with partial config Data, we will end-up in deleting valid entries from the switches. In order to avoid this, ovsdb depends on upgrade flag and if it set, reconciliation will not be triggered. Once upgrade-flag is turned-off, then only we trigger reconciliation.





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  Sorry, this was never moved to ServiceUtils.



On Tue, 6 Oct 2020 at 02:19, Robert Varga <nite@...> wrote:

On 04/10/2020 16:49, Chetan via wrote:
> Hi All,

Hello Chetan,

> As per discussion in TSC meeting on 01-Oct-2020, we are expressing our
> intent to move OVSDB project to self-managed for Silicon release cycle.
> Requesting community to respond in 2 weeks if it would like to continue
> keeping this project in managed mode and would request to take up the
> current responsibilities of this project if needed to continue as
> managed project.

We might be interested in OVSDB, but unfortunately it depends on

Now there is no thread for ServiceUtils and while the project seems to
be small, there I cannot seem to find the spec for SRM nor UPGRADE
components -- aside from very terse javadoc, which do not provide enough

Is there anyone who could shed some more light on those two?

Btw. this is also a concern for anyone who'd want to take over





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