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Casey Cain

Hello, everyone.

On yesterday's TSC meeting there was a discussion about restructuring the TSC.  There have been a few suggestions and I would like to take this opportunity to present some of the current proposals and open the floor to other recommendations. The current election mechanics can be found here. The main areas of discussion have been around the timing of the election and the number of seats that should be available.  I have listed some of the current suggestions below:
  1. Timing - The timing of the election could possibly provide an opportunity for newer contributors to the community an opportunity to become committers and take on new leadership roles.  The currently suggested options are:
    1. Open the election self-nomination period on October 22nd for 2 weeks as currently scheduled
    2. Open the election self-nomination period but extend the time of self-nomination until late November, early December, or the new year
    3. Elect #x seats as scheduled, differ #x seats for election in the new year
    4. Delay the election until the new year 
  2. Size of the TSC - The community has suggested that the TSC be resized to better reflect the active development community.
    1. No changes.  The TSC size remains at 11 seats.
    2. Reduce the size of the TSC to 5 seats, 3 for Managed Projects, 2 for CaL.
    3. Reduce the size of the TSC to 3 seats, Committers-at-Large (CaL)
    4. Reduce the size of the TSC to 5 seats
      1. 3 Seats reserved for managed projects, election held now
      2. 2 seats reserved for Committers-at-Large, differed to Jan/Feb 2021 to allow an opportunity for new Contributors to become eligible for the TSC.
Please provide your feedback.

Casey Cain
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