Re: [release] OVSDB : moving project to self-managed for Silicon release cycle.

Robert Varga

On 09/10/2020 12:04, Chetan Arakere Gowdru wrote:
Hi Robert,
Hello Chetan,

On the serviceUtils dependency in OVSDB in mainly on UpgradeState Flag.
Ovsdb depends on this flag to decide whether to trigger reconciliation
or not when the openvswitch/hwvtep switch get connected to ODL.


As part of reconciliation, we compare config and oper DS and based on
the difference we attempt to create/delete missing entries(ex: tunnels)


During Upgrade, when the southbound port 6640 is opened for accepting
connection, its possible the config DS is not fully build-up and if
reconciliation is triggered with partial config Data, we will end-up in
deleting valid entries from the switches. In order to avoid this, ovsdb
depends on upgrade flag and if it set, reconciliation will not be
triggered. Once upgrade-flag is turned-off, then only we trigger
Thanks for the explanation. Unfortunately I could not find much about
the upgrade feature -- do you know where a user guide or similar might
be found, please?


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