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Abhijit Kumbhare

Why not do the following?

Declare we will have 2 elections - one main election immediately and another one 3 months after the main election to give new members a chance to establish contribution/engagement history to be eligible for TSC elections. 
1) Start the self nomination now. 
2) Based on the strength of the candidate pool, the existing TSC votes for the number of seats to have in the first election. The TSC should consider the contribution/engagement history while evaluating the candidate pool.
3) Have the elections.

For the by-election in 3 months, the new TSC decides the rules including who is eligible as well as the number of seats. However the new TSC may choose to follow the above blueprint for determining the number of seats.

The advantage of the suggestion is:
1) It is simple.
2) It will take care of the engagement concern that Jamo has.
3) It is pragmatic in where we are as a community - and takes into account Guillaume's suggestion.
4) It gets the new TSC elected sooner than later - which is important as some of the existing TSC members have moved on to different jobs and are no longer as engaged as they were before. 

On Thu, Oct 22, 2020 at 10:22 AM Luis Gomez <ecelgp@...> wrote:
Fair enough, what if we just start an "open" thread before the official nomination period to see who has intention to self-nominate? although this is not final, it can give us a faster feedback than waiting for the official nomination dates.


On Oct 22, 2020, at 10:15 AM, Guillaume Lambert via <> wrote:

Hi all

Following today TSC call, here is my feedback on the topic.
Today we do not have any certainty on the number of people who are interested to present themselves to joint the TSC,
and moreover on which kind of projects they work.
I share both Robert and Luis' concerns, on the necessity, on one hand, to have kernel  projects represented at the TSC
and, on the other hand, what is the point to have a number of reserved seats if we are not sure to fill them.

With only 5 people, a fair representation of all kind of projects (kernel, managed/platforms, SM, ...) at the TSC might be difficult to achieve.
To have a better vision of what can be done, a pragmatic approach would be to start an official call for candidates.
This way, we will know how many people are interested in joining the TSC, and on which kind of projects they work.
Then it will be easier to evaluate if there is a point to increase the number of seats or to have reserved seats.

Hope this helps

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Hi Casey,

My suggestion is to keep it simple:

1. Keep it to be a 5 member TSC - all Committer-at-large.
2. Conduct elections as before - same timeline - so the new TSC is in by December 1st week.
3. If there are more members interested & eligible in early February, at that point the TSC can decide whether to add a couple of seats or keep the existing number of seats but refresh the entire TSC or any other option including no changes.
4. Conduct by-elections or elections based on what is decided in step 3.

This way we take things one step at a time and most decisions are made by the new TSC rather than the current TSC.


On Fri, Oct 9, 2020 at 12:24 PM Casey Cain <ccain@...> wrote:
Hello, everyone.

On yesterday's TSC meeting there was a discussion about restructuring the TSC.  There have been a few suggestions and I would like to take this opportunity to present some of the current proposals and open the floor to other recommendations. The current election mechanics can be found here. The main areas of discussion have been around the timing of the election and the number of seats that should be available.  I have listed some of the current suggestions below:
  1. Timing - The timing of the election could possibly provide an opportunity for newer contributors to the community an opportunity to become committers and take on new leadership roles.  The currently suggested options are:
    1. Open the election self-nomination period on October 22nd for 2 weeks as currently scheduled
    2. Open the election self-nomination period but extend the time of self-nomination until late November, early December, or the new year
    3. Elect #x seats as scheduled, differ #x seats for election in the new year
    4. Delay the election until the new year 
  2. Size of the TSC - The community has suggested that the TSC be resized to better reflect the active development community.
    1. No changes.  The TSC size remains at 11 seats.
    2. Reduce the size of the TSC to 5 seats, 3 for Managed Projects, 2 for CaL.
    3. Reduce the size of the TSC to 3 seats, Committers-at-Large (CaL)
    4. Reduce the size of the TSC to 5 seats
      1. 3 Seats reserved for managed projects, election held now
      2. 2 seats reserved for Committers-at-Large, differed to Jan/Feb 2021 to allow an opportunity for new Contributors to become eligible for the TSC.
Please provide your feedback.

Casey Cain
Technical Program Manager / Community Architect
Linux Foundation
IRC: CaseyLF
WeChat: okaru6
Voice: +1.408.641.0193


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