Technical debt report for December 2021

Robert Varga

Hello everyone,

this is a quick summary of current outstanding technical debt, as
reported by the autorelease build. I missed sending out the report for
November, sorry about that.

4.1.2021 3.11.2020 delta
Deprecated 1623 1791 -168
Deprecated for removal 1448 1235 +213
Modernizer 196 219 -23

The second line is more critical, as those are things that either we or
our upstreams *will* remove. That number breaks down like this:

4.1.2021 3.11.2020 delta
Uint{8,16,32,64} (Mg) 407 494 -87
setFoo(List) (Al) 404 455 -51
isFoo() (Si) 342 0 +342
other 295 286 +9

There is a new entry in this list, which tracks DataObject.isFoo()
callers. This is a remnant of treating booleans differently, which has
been removed -- hence the functionality is now served by regularly-named
DataObject.getFoo(). The compatibility methods will be removed in


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