Rolling out odlparent-8.1.0

Robert Varga

Hello everyone,

as I mentioned in November, I would like to roll out odlparent-8.1.0 to
replace the original MRI odlparent-8.0.x stream.

The reason for this is karaf-4.3.0 and its support for two things:

OSGi Release 7
This is a major upgrade to Release 6 shipped in the 4.2.x series. The
details are summed up nicely here:

The most important items are:
- JAX-RS support (finally)
- HTTP whiteboard update (to support JAX-RS)
- Declarative Service updates (constructor injection)
- Bundle Annotations (allowing to ditch a lot of maven-bundle-plugin

This is a relatively minor upgrade, summed up here:

The absolutely most important is support for safe Polymorphic
deserialization, which should put a stop to all those CVEs around
serialization gadgets we have seen in the last two or three years.

With that, the MRI projects are spinning releases integrating this, I
expect all of it to be ready this evening CET.

The preliminary patches to adopt these are living over here: .

Preliminary testing did not find anything broken, and if that gets
confirmed through a multipatch-build, I will ask for supercommitter
rights and merge it up either tomorrow (Tuesday) or on Wednesday.

If anybody has objections, please holler now :)


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